Book: Die gelben Augen der Krokodile


Die gelben Augen der Krokodile by Katherine Pancol. I read this book in German, I could not find an English version. The original is French (Les Yeux Jaunes des Crocodiles).

I really enjoyed reading this book! And when I turned the last page I was sorry to say good-bye to the characters I got to know over the course of 600 pages. The sequel (Der langsame Walzer der Schildkröten) is now out in German in hardcover, but I decided to wait until it is available in paperback and I am definitely looking forward to meet again with Josephine and her family.

At the centre of the book is  Josephine, mother of two, an expert in 12th century history, working at the university. Her knowledge and skills are dismayed and undervalued by her family and surrounding, not only because she does not believe in herself. The book accompanies her on her path of gaining strength and blossoming into a successful writer. The characters are vivid and (mostly) believable. And the story has a feel-good element which makes it a pleasant read.

If you like stories about women who’s strength and talent are unrecognized by themselves and others and who grow as a result of circumstances and prevail at the end, then you might like this book!


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