From hat to toe


I am still without a sewing machine. I am all set up to start sewing again and I hope that I will have again a machine sometime after easter… Meanwhile I pick up the knitting needles whenever time allows. My favorite projects are small things, which I can finish in one or two evenings, like – hmm – hats!  Here are two I made for my boys.

IMG_8787a IMG_8786a


This one is a double layer hat. This is a great technique for a warm hat with a patters. Both layers are knitted in parallel on one set of needles and two threads on the finger, the loops alternate between front and back layer. The pattern is realized by just switching the threads from front to back layer and vise versa when the color in the pattern changes. The leave pattern on the hat is inspired by a pattern I saw on a headband, unfortunately I don’t remember the source.


And this is Kirsten Kapur’s Thorpe Hat (free pattern!). This hat is a great hat for kids and knitted from the top downwards! Thanks to the wonderful instructions, this is a fun and quick knit! The orange-green hats are wool, and the right hat is cotton (I don’t remember the brands).


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