Buying fabric


Before I write something about the fabric shown above, I need to loudly complain about!

Hello you, there at! I ordered some fabric more than three weeks ago and haven’t heard from you since. I tried to call, tried to write, tried to login(!) – nothing. Finally, last week I found a small note on your blog (not on your website) that you are relaunching your shop and are too busy for anything else. Thank you very much! How about a clearly visible note on the website possibly before everything is getting screwed up?!? Or at least a short e-mail notification, that everything takes a bit longer? This is my first purchase at and a very disappointing experience! The most annoying part is, that I had ordered fabric for a hat for my older boy, which I don’t need anymore. Spring is here now – finally!! But I can’t even cancel my order at, because I can’t reach anybody!

But now about the nice fabric which you see above. I did some shopping at hilco! I had a chance to go to their store in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, close to Stuttgart last week. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so you have to take my word that they had very lovely fabrics. Lovely prints from Hamburger Liebe, great stripey Jersey, absolute fantastic linen, impressive deco-fabrics, and on and on. And the staff is super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. An overall very pleasant experience. The fabric is not cheap but of really good quality. Here is what I got (from left to right): dark blue Easy Cotton (100% cotton) for a pair pf pants for my older boy, and matching thick cotton for strong knee-pads. Than this lovely stretch jersey in purple (it is in real life less bright and more of a a pinkish eggplant-color), which will be a tunic. And last, a small piece of lovely two coloured wool (100%), which, I hope, will be enough for a skirt.  Hurray!


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