Hurray! Its done! The pants are Juist Cargohose from Schnittreif at farbenmix. The pants are fairly strait and I liked the fact that one has several options for the knee parts. I opted for an extra layer of thick cotton for the knees – my boy jumps through his pants in no time. The fabric is an easy cotton from hilco, and some bits for the pockets and ribbons from the local store.


This was quite a challenging project for me, because it had several first times (complicated pockets, zipper with flap, snap fastener). Of course it didn’t help, that I decided to use contrasting thread and a to me unknown sewing machine…. I think I opened and redid every second seam.

What I will do better next time:

  • Buy enough thread first time around.
  • Put zipper in correctly right away…..
  • Add loops for belt – it just looks better.
  • Making the rubber band adjustable.
  • Making pants longer! I either screwed up the seam allowance or my boy has really long legs.
  • Probably using bullet prove fabric for the knee pads (just kidding on the bullet prove thing, but something really durable).

If the pants withstand the practical test in kindergarten, then I will sew many more for spring and summer……


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