Blog along


Not for me, because I really don’t have enough to show. And with two small kids, visitors to come and unpredictable workload, I don’t feel confident to make a pledge of any kind that would promise any number of newly sewed garments. Maybe next year?

Thinking about this challenge I came to realize how amazingly vibrant and busy the blogging world is. Here in Germany, where most of the sewing blogs I read are located, there are so many “blog-alongs” that the week can become quite busy by just participating in some of them.  Just for fun, here is a list of some “blog-alongs”:

Those are all I know of, but I will add “blog-alongs” as I encounter them.

Of course there are a gazillion more ad-hoc “blog-alongs”, like the seasonal sew-alongs: Wintermantel-sew-along (winter coat), Weihnachtskleid-sew-along (holiday dress), Heidi-Project, Himmelfahrtskommando,……

It is really very busy out there!


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