Summer skirt


Hurray! This skirt was hiding as an UFO since May and I was afraid it would not be finished in time to see the summer sun. But, thanks to my lovely sewing class, I managed to finally finish this skirt and could wear it today. I even managed to insert my first invisible zipper.

Although I usually prefer more gentle and toned down colors, I really enjoy wearing this skirt and it makes me smile each time I look at it. It is a very happy summer skirt.

The pattern is a download pattern from Burda. I omitted the pockets, because the fabric is quite thick and I was afraid that pockets would make it too bulky. I chose a rather large size so that the skirt is sitting loosely on the hip. As a result, it bulges a bit on the hips – the pattern is a bit more curvy than I am. I also did not cut the waistband on the bias, a mistake I only realized after finishing the skirt, but I don’t think it matters much since the skirt is rather loosely fitting in the waist. Other than that I have to seriously improve my fitting skills, the skirt was relatively simple to sew and to insert the zipper was much easier than I thought. I made some effort to center the pattern on the front and match the pattern at the back seam – I would say almost successfully…. The hem I just turned and top-stitched. I could have done a better job, though. I am just not able to sew straight, and the stitching is a bit of a zig-zag at times. What is the secret to straight stitching?

Pattern: Burda style 2 / 2010 download-pattern (BM1002 104). I made model B without pockets.

Fabric:  FREDRIKA from IKEA 100% cotton

This is my contribution to RUMS!


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