Hat for the man


This is one small item I did manage to sneak in during the turbulent pre-Christmas time. Its a hat for the best husband to wear under his bike helmet. I used the same pattern before here. But this time I had to extend the pattern’s sizes (the pattern stops at 56, but the best husband needed 57). I also made it round instead of pointy at the top and extended the hight about one centimeter (which turned out to be not necessary). The fabric is a very soft and cozy cotton stretch jersey from hilco.

Two critique points I have about this hat. The first is about my sewing machine. It is a Brother where I cannot adjust the pressure of the sewing foot and the pressure is quite strong. Sewing jersey with it is not so easy with the result that I stretched the border too much. I must say that the cheep sewing machine which I had borrowed to sew the first hat was much more easy on the stretchy fabric. Second, the large ear-flaps are very practical but look a bit funny. Much smaller ear-flaps would be sufficient and would look less like a medieval helmet of some sort….. I consider to alter it.

Pattern: Wendezipfelmuetze by Klimperklein. This is a very well done e-book.

Fabric: Both, for inside and outside I used jersey from hilco.

Will I sew it again? Yes. I love this pattern. But it might be more suitable for children than for adults.


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