Much has happened during the past year: we welcomed a new baby, we moved to a new city, we changed jobs and our oldest started school. I am still adjusting to all while trying to keep up with everyday life.  Packing boxes and managing four men (two of which are still in diapers) did not leave much time to craft or post about it. But a few things I did make and with a new computer at hand I can finally present them here.


Among the few things I did make were things for our oldest who started school this year. We enrolled our son into Waldorf-school for which he needed some special things. It feels good that he can take something with him to school which I made for him.

A crayon pouch roll for Stockmar wax crayons and blocks:

  • You’ll need: cut two pieces of cotton fabric ca. 30×40 cm, a piece of woven ribbon ca. 70 cm length.
  • Sew the two pieces of cotton fabric right-on-right-side, leaving a small opening. Turn it inside out.
  • Fold the ribbon into half. Pin the closed end into the opening of the fabric. Close the opening with a top stitch close to the edge.
  • Top stitch close to the edge all around.
  • Fold in the two long sides about 5 cm and iron into place.
  • To make the little pouched for the blocks and crayons measure alternating 3.5 cm (for the blocks) and 2.5 cm (for the crayons) and mark the places with pins. Sew along the markings and secure the edges well.
  • To be able to get out the blocks more easily I added a seam along the edge in a distance about 1.5 cm from the edge.

Calculation stones:

This was a wonderful family project. We went into the forest to collect a dry branch from a beech tree and cut off 24 slices. We sanded the pieces and rubbed them with olive oil. To hold them I made a small cotton bag. I like to use French seams in bags, but I didn’t find a better way to male opening for a draw-string other than attaching an extra piece of fabric for the tunnel. I applied some numbers for fun. This wooden pieces are used in school to teach the first steps arithmetic.

Pouch for a  flute:

The third piece was a pouch for his flute. In Waldorf-school all children start to play recorder in first grade. It is a special pentatonic wooden recorder which apparently is easier to play than a normal recorder because it has less holes.  The pouch is padded with some thick cotton molleton.

Still missing is a bag for his needlework…..

This post first appeared first on and is a contribution to Creadienstag.


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