I made a felt mouse. Inspired by the amazing felt animals at KleineViehcher and encouraged by the felting my son does at school, I tried my hands at a ball of wool and a felting needle. Out came this little fellow.


The most difficult part was the tail. It is still a bit heavy for the little mouse. I guess mousy needs some friends and I more chances to practice.


I will send this mousy now to say ‘Hi!’ at Creadienstag.

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2 thoughts on “Mouse

  1. Looking at all the great creadienstag-stuff, I saw your little fella and came here, and what do I see? My blog-name with a link. πŸ˜‰ Thank you very much, I’m really happy that my feltmenagerie (and your son’s work) inspired you!

    As for the tail: In needle-felting it’s a great deal to roll long and thin parts like this before you start to torture it with needles – you can take a long piece of wool and roll it on your thigh and thereafter, when it’s holding it’s form, between your hands. The warmth and movement initiates a felting process in the wool itself, you can kinda felt the whole thing (one side of the tail should stay unfelted, to needlefelt the loose fibres into the body later). This way you have better control about the thickness of the tail or whatever long and thin you are felting, and when you`re almost done, you can add stability and a finishing touch with a needle (it it’s needed, I mostly do).

    Cute little dude he is (or she?), I hope he is getting a buddy some day!


    • Thank you very much, Maike, for your kind comment! Yes, I really love your felt animals πŸ™‚ and thanks a lot for the advice about how to make the tail – I will try it right away!

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