Se7en’s great parenting tips


Here is a great blog about parenting: Se7en is a family of ten with eight wonderful kids, all home schooled. Their blog describes what gets them going and what they do. What I find especially inspirational, beside all those great crafting, cooking and adventure ideas, is the “look behind the scene”: all those fantastic parenting tips from a mother of eight. In one of my absolute favorite posts The Mother Person (as she calls herself) gives twelve fantastic Parenting Tips by the Dozen for Raising Se7en+1 Kids… Go to the blog for those tips – here are just the headlines:

  1. Everything looks Better in Daylight
  2. Enjoy the Moment
  3. Your Kids Need You, Not Stuff
  4. Set Your Kids up to Succeed
  5. Equal is Never Ever Fair
  6. Not Every Moment Has to be Picture Perfect to be Perfect
  7. Children are Short, Not Stupid
  8. Expect Great Things
  9. You Wish Your Kids Knew How to do Something
  10. What they Don’t Know They Won’t Miss
  11. Your Kids Are a Team, Treat Them Like One
  12. Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke

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