Corduroy Skirt


Up until now I knew three different sewing feet: two for putting in sippers (one for the invisible sipper and one for normal sippers), and one foot for everything else.

Then I read in blogs about sink-stitching the waistband and I decided to use this technique on my new skirt. Thanks to youtube I learned about the use of a special sewing foot which makes the sink-stitching so much easier. And, unbelievably, I actually own exactly the right foot for my sewing machine! Oh – how much easier is it with the use of the right foot!! I immediately took the manual of my sewing machine and I am now learning about all the other possibilities. I also stitched the hem using a special foot. Great!


So, here is is the newest addition to my wardrobe: A light and soft corduroy skirt with pockets and lining. I tend to make my skirts quite roomy, so that I can easily sit on the floor with kids, run after them and ride my bike. How well this skirt actually fits will show the wearing test – I notices already that the corduroy really loves to stick to my tights, even though I lined the skirt!


Pattern: Burda style 2 / 2010 download-pattern (BM1002 104). I made model B with lining and adjusted the length.

Fabric: fine corduroy (baby-cord), 100% cotton

Challenge: (1) first time I put lining into a garment; (2) first time I sink-stitched the waistband using a special sewing foot; (3) first time I stitched the hem with invisible seam using a special sewing foot.

Will I do it again? Yes! The next piece of fabric is waiting to be cut!

This is my contribution to RUMS.

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4 thoughts on “Corduroy Skirt

  1. Hey Calina, danke für die Info! Ich habe direkt mal nachgesehen, ob es einen ähnlichen Fuß auch für meine Pfaff gibt. Gibt es 🙂 Werde ich mir bei Gelegenheit mal besorgen, da mir mit dem normalen Nähfuß das knappkantige Absteppen doch sehr schwer fällt und nie so richtig zufriedenstellend gelingt.
    Danke nochmals! Wieder was dazu gelernt 🙂
    Liebe Grüße,

    P.S.: Ich bin jetzt zum Deutschen gewechselt, nachdem ich gesehen habe, dass du deinen Block bi- bzw. sogar trilingual führst 🙂

  2. That’s an adorable skirt you made. I think it fits you very well. Could you please tell me more about this special sewing foot that you’re talking about?

    • Dear Ivonne,
      I have a Brother NV 50 sewing machine and the foot I used came with it. For the sink-stitching (Schattennaht) of the waistband as well as for blind stitching the hem (Blindstich) I used the foot “R” which looks like this: [click] (this is not and affiliate link). The foot is great because it has this blade which guides the needle very evenly along an edge.

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