Flowery Skirt


One shouldn’t climb over fences. Especially not in a new skirt. Well, I managed to rip a hole into my beloved new corduroy skirt when I climbed over an evil spiky fence. There you have it. Luckily the hole is small and the skirt is now waiting for me to mend it. It is sitting on top of a huge pile of pieces which need to be mended, altered or up-cycled (sigh!). Should I mention that I am not so good going about that pile? That I rather make something new? I probably should look out for a mend-along or alteration-challenge – some sort of self-help group for procrastinators like myself…


This semester I am doing a bit of teaching at the local university and of course I am concerned about what to wear. And since my corduroy skirt is temporarily unavailable (see above) I made skirt number three using the same pattern (others are here and here) from a nice thick cotton fabric I had in my stash. Because the fabric is quite thick I did not make pockets and no lining. Also, I cut the back in one piece so not to worry about the flowery pattern and moved the zipper to the side. Like with my corduroy skirt, I sink-stitched the waistband using the special sewing foot and stitched the hem with an almost invisible seam using the same sewing foot – the seam is not quiet invisible, though (see photo above), but I can live with that.

Pattern: Burda style 2 / 2010 download-pattern (BM1002 104). I made model B. I adjusted the length, skipped pockets, cut the back in one piece and moved the zipper to the side.

Fabric: Thick cotton fabric from Ik*a.

Challenge: This time it was more or less standard (which does not mean that I didn’t have to redo most seams a gazillion times!!).

Will I do it again? Yes! The next piece of fabric is waiting to be cut!


This is my contribution to RUMS.

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