little things

I have a relatively large handbag with space enough for hats, scarfs and gloves of three kids and myself. But somehow the little things I put into my bag tend to disappear. To prevent things from constantly getting lost I made two little bags to go into my big handbag. They now hold all the little necessities like chocolate bars, hand cream, lip stick etc. ready to be found.

These where the first bags with zipper I ever made and I am quite happy! Although the beginning and end of the zipper could be cleaner – I should at least once look at a proper tutorial and learn from the experts!

One thing that seems to hide most successfully in my bag are my keys. For them I made a colorful band long enough to wear around my neck. Now the keys are easy to find. And when I have my keys with me (and not my bag) I can easily carry them around, especially if my garment doesn’t have suitable pockets (like this matching skirt).

fabric: bags: outside IKEA, inside left over scraps. Key-band: IKEA. Zippers and hook from my local haberdashery.

pattern: self drafted

Will I do it again: The necessity for making bags will always pop up!

Dieser Blogpost ist auf Englisch. Ich lese und beantworte Kommentare aber gerne auch auf Deutsch.

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