Salt-and-Pepper Cardigan

I started the New Year cozy and warm: I made my first cardigan! Its so toasty – I barely took it off since I finished it (way back in November… well, yes, sometimes it takes a while to write a blogpost – taking pictures is usually the bottle neck. But now, you know, New Year’s Resolutions and all…..).

I had the plan to make a cardigan for years. First I couldn’t find the right fabric for the pattern I selected (which I later rejected again) and then I couldn’t decide on the right pattern for the fabric I found. Two years ago I bought several meters of a nice wool knit and and several meters of a cheaper nit for a try out version. I spend hours searching for a suitable pattern I liked.

Finally, I came across the basic Strickmantel (“knit-coat”) by ki-ba-doo. I really liked the examples I saw. And I am very happy how mine tuned out. It is definitely one of my favorite me-made-items of the year 2017!

The sewing itself wasn’t that easy for me, though – I am not a very experienced seamstress. Therefore, I really would have appreciated a more elaborate instruction included in this e-book. The instructions were a bit short for my level of sewing and I had to improvise a bit along the way because some steps didn’t make sense to me.

I made the medium long version and cut the back in one piece (the pattern suggests a horizontal seam).  I added a belt to be able to close the cardigan somewhat, an alteration I will also include in the next version of the cardigan – the knit is sitting here waiting. Meanwhile I cuddle up in salt-and-pepper!

And while being at it: here is my latest realization of the cowl neck shirt by patty-doo using a viscose jersey from the fabric market. Other versions are here. The skirt I showed here.

Pattern: basic Strickmantel (“knit-coat”) by ki-ba-doo.

Fabric: knit with mixed content from local fabric store

Will I do it again? Yes. The next knit is waiting.

This is my contribution to me-made-Mittwoch.

Dieser Blogpost ist auf Englisch. Ich lese und beantworte Kommentare aber gerne auch auf Deutsch.

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