Children Books About Sewing


I would like to tell you about three great children books which all have sewing as a central theme: How The Mole Got His Trousers by Zdeněk Miler (we have it also in board book edition), Pelle’s New Suit by Elsa Beskow and Bruno the Taylor by Lars Klinting.  In all three books the main character sets out to make himself some new clothes and the reader is taken through the process. My boys love all of them and they sparked quite a few discussions about making our own fabric and cloths. Last summer we even planted some flax seeds in our garden  – no, we didn’t make linen, but we thoroughly examined the plant.


How The Mole Got His Trousers by Zdeněk Miler: The little mole needs a pair of trousers with big pockets for all his precious possessions. He learns to take care of the flax plant and how to make linen from it. The animals around him are helping with harvesting, spinning, weaving, cutting and sewing. This story is originally a movie. It was Miler’s first movie about the little Mole and is very worth seeing.


Pelle’s New Suit by Elsa Beskow: This book is about the  little boy Pelle who outgrew his cloths. He owns a sheep and the book shows how Pelle cuts the sheep’s wool and how family members help him to comp, spin, color and weave the wool in exchange for him taking over some chores. And finally the tailor makes him a wonderful new suit.  The beautifully illustrated books by Elsa Beskow are a treat for all children (and parents)!


Bruno the Taylor by Lars Klinting: The beaver  Bruno (or Kasimir how he is called in German) needs a new apron. He selects fabric from his stash, washes it, makes himself a pattern and sews the apron. At each step it is explained what is needed, including some sewing tips and at the end instructions for how to make an apron oneself. The Swedish author created a series of books about the beaver creating or crafting different things (Bruno the Baker, Bruno the Carpenter, and others) and each time the reader is taken through the process and left with accessible do-it-your-self instructions.

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