I needed a pincushion. When I am sewing I always fiddle around with the pins in this tiny little box they came in, and this is not very handy. My idea was to have a little hedgehog to hold my pins and I was considering to just try to crochet something “free hand” which at best would have probably resembled a very oddly shaped little hedgehog…. But then The Purl Bee by Purl Soho came to my rescue when they recently published a knitting pattern and I had a go at it.

I like how my little hedgehog turned out, however it does a bit resemble a piggy in a coat, doesn’t it…? I stuffed it with the insides of an old discarded stuffed animal which is a bit too fluffy and it doesn’t give any resistance to the pins (I am always afraid that the hedgehog might swallow the pins). The original pattern recommends bamboo fiber fill – I have no idea how that feels. The hedgehog is quite large (ca. 15 cm long), which makes it a bit too big as a permanent pin holder, so I only use it while working with pins. But in any case it works, the hedgehog does its job very well of carrying the pins and it is a very friendly companion while I am sewing!

Knitting pattern: Knit¬†Hedgehog (Whit’s Knits) by The Purl Bee by Purl Soho

Yarn: Siena Big 100% merino extrafine superwash from Wollrödel, in three colors (brown 14259, light brown 14252, black 14290)

Needles: The face I knitted with 2.75mm and the body with 3.5mm.

Stuffing: Filling of an old stuffed animal

Will I knit it again? Probably not. I just don’t need a whole family of hedgehogs.

This is my contribution to Creadienstag!