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We got a “new” sewing machine! This machine belonged to my husbands grandmother.  It is a manual Singer machine from around 1911-1917, manufactured in Podolsk, Russia.

The history of the production of this machine is actually quite interesting: According to singersewinginfo  Singer started in 1902 to produce sewing machines in Podolsk, Russia, to provide sewing machines for Russian and Asian market. The factory grew rapidly and by 1914 it produced 675,000 machines per year!! Isaac Singer had developed a reliable and affordable sewing machine and prepared the way for the wide use of sewing machines for home sewers (his implementation of installment payment allowed the affordability even for lower income families).


Dating this machine is not so easy. Each Machine has an imprinted serial number consisting of a letter and a number. The letter tells at which factory the machine was produces and the number is the serial number of that factory. So, theoretically, the production records can give exact place and date of fabrication. Only, the production records of the factory in Podolsk are lost. So we only know that the machine was made in Podolsk between 1911 and 1917, probably around 1915 – thus it is 100 years old! We don’t know when my husband’s family purchased the machine, but we know that it belonged to the family for at least 70 years, sewing many garments and accessories.


The machine still works great! It has a beautiful straight stitch of variable length using upper and lower thread. Of course it does not have any decorative stitches nor zickzack. Backwards stitching also hangs a bit. But it sews through almost anything, including leather. And its strait stitch and transport is better than that of my Brother. My eight year old son loves to use it and is now learning to sew costumes and decoration for his puppet theater plays.

Precious is a small series about some precious little things. They are precious to me because of who made them, how they are made and/or which story they tell.

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Little couturier


We spent the Easter holidays at my mom’s. I used the time for some sewing and my mom gave her old doll-sewing machine to my big boy. Although the machine does not properly sew anymore, he spend hours sitting next to me “sewing”. Working side by side with my son warmed my heart.