My older boys each got a loop-shawl. They are made from cotton jersey with 5% elastane. The sewing pattern is kind of free hand drafted with the help of the very nice woman at our local fabric store.

For the two-sided loop (orange stripes and green stripes)  I cut two pieces of 30 x 120 cm and for the one sided loop (light blue with little monsters) I cut one piece of 50 x 115 cm.


It took me quite some brain-gymnastics to figure out how to sew the loop together so that when turning it it comes out the right way. I finally figured that one had to first sew the long edges together which creates some sort of tube. The next step is to pull one short end through the tube meeting the other short end and sewing the two short ends together leaving a small (6-10cm) gap for turning.


My boys are now nicely bundled up in this still cold weather! What else is Made4Boys this month?

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Lace shawl


Yeah! Finally! After almost two years of knitting I finished this lace shawl. I gave it as a gift to my mom. It was my first attempt at knitting lace. Thanks to the wealth of online tutorials I learned a few new stitches – I am usually a somewhat “wild” knitter and improvise usually a lot along the way. This was one rare occasion where I had to follow a detailed pattern – and I enjoyed it!


What did not work out well for me was the edge of the shawl. It was to tight compared to the pattern and I should have knitted it more loose.


And when finishing the shawl I overdid it there and finished it too loose. So the whole think is a bit out of shape and not the perfect triangle. But hey, it keeps my mom warm and toasty!

Yarn:  A lovely wool-silk-mohair mix (I can’t find the paper band anymore).

Needles: 3.5 mm

Pattern: Wiebkes Lieblingstuch but I did not add the border.

Would I do it again? I want to learn more lace to next time I will be another pattern.

This is a contribution to Creadienstag.

This post first appeared on tamtamtiger.wordpress.com.