Hoody Lynn

E: Although it seems that summer is here, there are still the chilly evenings or rainy days that call for some coziness. I made Paddy-Doo’s hoody Lynn using a super nice jacquard-sweat from Traumbeere, which I bought last year at the Holland Fabric Market. The material is 100% cotton and super soft. And the little swallows just make me happy!

D: Obwohl der Sommer hier zu sein scheint, gibt es immer noch die kühlen Abende und Regentage, für die ich etwas kuscheliges brauche. Ich habe mir einen Hoody Lynn von Patty-Doo aus einem super schönen Jacquard-Sweat von Traumbeere gemacht. Den Stoff habe ich letztes Jahr auf dem Holland Markt gekauft. Er ist 100% Baumwolle und sehr weich. Und die kleinen Schwalben machen mich fröhlich!

E: As always the instruction are easy to follow thanks to the well done video tutorial. I did make some alterations, though: Instead of the cuff at the lower seam I just lengthened the front and back piece by 10 cm and turned the seam over. That entailed that I also lengthened the pockets so that their lower seam is caught in the bottom seam (see photo below). Further, I change the positions of the eyes for the cord in the hood to place them symmetrically.

D: Der Nähanleitung war wie immer leicht zu folgen, dank des guten Video-Tutorials. Ich habe aber ein paar Änderungen vorgenommen: statt eines Bündchens um die Hüfte habe ich einfach Rücken-und Vorderteil verlängert und dann umgeschlagen. Damit alles schön zusammenhält habe ich auch die Taschenbeutel so weit verlängert, dass ich sie mit dem unteren Saum mit fassen konnte (das kann man im Foto unten sehen). Außerdem habe ich die Ösen für die Kordel symmetrisch auf beiden Seiten platziert. 

E: This hoody is getting already a lot of wear. I love it. Its the perfect sweater to keep me warm when enjoying the long but still cool evenings.

D: Diesen Hoody trage ich viel. Er ist so perfekt, um mich an diesen schönen langen Abenden warm zu halten.

E: I am also wearing a memade skirt, an up-cycled jeans which I showed here.

Pattern: Lynn by Patty-Doo. Alterations: lengthening the bodice by 10cm, lengthening the pockets by 5cm, no cuff at the lower seam, repositioning the eyes in the hood.

Fabric: Jaquard-Sweat Ben by Traumbere, 100% cotton. Thin cotton jersey for the pockets and the lining of the hood from my stash.

Will I do it again? I don’t think I need more than one hoody. But If I do, I will get back to this pattern and similar fabric!


E: On an other note. This is the first attempt to make a sun-hat. I am in need of a proper sun-hat, but I can’t find a good pattern. The much admired pattern Vogue 8844 by Patricia Underwood (stunning examples by Carolyn and Mema) is nowhere to be found and so far I was unsuccessful to find something comparable. So, I guess I have to figure out how to make a pattern myself.  I find it quite challenging to come up with a somewhat interesting shape…. This is my first draft, which is a simple bucket-hat. A second version with a bit more reasonably shaped brim is in the makes right now. If you have some tips and tricks about how to design a hat  (or happen to know where to get Vogue 8844) I would be very happy to hear it!

D: Noch etwas. Das ist mein erster Versuch eines Sonnenhuts. Ich brauche dringend einen, aber ich kann kein gutes Schnittmuster finden. Das viel bewunderte Muster Vogue 8844 von Patricia Underwood (tolle Beispiele kann man bei Carolyn und Mema sehen) ist nirgends zu finden. Auch etwas vergleichbares habe ich bisher nicht entdeckt. So habe ich mich also daran gemacht, mir ein Schnittmuster selbst zusammen zu basteln. Ich finde es gar nicht so einfach, eine halbwegs interessante Form hin zu bekommen. Mein erster Versuch ist ein einfacher “Topf-Hut”. Ein zweiter Versuch mit einer besseren Krempe ist in Arbeit. Wenn jemand Tips zum entwerfen eines Huts hat (oder gar weiß, vorher man Vogue 8844 bekommen könnte), höre ich die gerne!

And with this I am joining the other Me Mades at MeMadeMittwoch im Juni and Melanie’s new Link-Up-Party Sew La La!

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Waterfall Shirt

(before dyeing)

So far my sewing efforts mainly concentrated on skirts because I felt that well fitting tops are so difficult to achieve. Therefore I took on the challenge to find (at least) three well fitting patterns for tops. Actually, this was part of my pledge for this year’s Me Made May Challenge (slowly but surely…)!

Top-challenge no. 1 is the waterfall shirt “Scarlett” from Patty-Doo. It took me three iterations until I felt comfortable. First, I selected the wrong size (I always tend to make things too big), and then I had to make the neckline higher (the water was falling a bit too low). But now I am really happy with it!

(after dyeing black/gray)

For practice I used a fabric I bought online, which I obviously couldn’t really touch nor properly see before it arrived at my doorstep. The fabric I finally received was something quite different from what I had expected (way too bright – see the first picture above, and heavy falling viscose instead of a light cotton jersey). I had bought 3m (well, yes) and felt that for practice this (and some other leftover fabric) was definitely good enough. So I put the tops together (four altogether) and then dyed them over with black (above, rather grayish) and blue (below).

(after dyeing blue)

One can still see the original pattern, but the colors are not as bold, and I think the flowers are even more recognizable as such. I am actually rather pleased how the tops came out in the end and really like to wear them!

Pattern: Patty-Doo Waterfall Shirt “Scarlett” (thanks for the fantastic video tutorial!). Alterations: I shortened the neckline as described in the pattern instructions.

Fabric: The fabric was marked as a cotton jersey, but I am pretty sure it is (or contains) viscose.  The rather bold pattern I dyed over using black and blue dye. The pattern is still visible but not as bright.

Will I do it again? Yes!!

This is my contribution to RUMS.

Dieser Blogpost ist auf Englisch. Ich lese und beantworte Kommentare aber gerne auch auf Deutsch.

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This was my MeMadeMay17


Today is the last day of May and the last day of Me Made May 2017. I really enjoyed this challenge! It forced me to consider my clothes more than I usually do. This May had extreme temperatures – below 10C in the beginning of the month and around 30C during the last days. So I could wear my me made warm as well as my summer cloths.









I did manage to fulfill (most of) my pledge:

  1. I did wear at least one me made item at least 5 days per week.  I wore 6 different skirts (21 days), 1 dress (once) and 3 different tops (6 days). A clear favorite for cooler days is my up-cycled jeans skirt (above left; I wore it on 9 days). For warmer weather I really liked to wear the pink flower skirt (above right; I wore it on 4 days).
  2. Par of my pledge was to make and wear me made tops. I did wear three different me made tops. Two are new and one is from last summer. I did not blog about them jet, because I am not that happy about how they turned out. I find it extremely difficult to make a pattern for a top fit properly – even if made from jersey. Thus I am still in the process to make 2-3 different well fitting tops. So this part of the pledge I did not fulfill completely but I am intensely working on it!
  3. I did start to clean out my wardrobe and rediscovered old items. I also dyed over a few items and gave them a second life. Inspired by the  Wardrobe Architect on the Colette blog I stared to analyze my preferences and I discovered that apparently I really like flowery patterns (for some it might seem obvious but to me it actually was a surprise….)!

What did I learn during this challenge:

  • I can and really like to wear my me made items.
  • I urgently need tops to wear with my skirts. Simple and nice tops. Yes, this is my “top-challenge”!
  • I do need more variety. I need a longer skirt and summer pants. A cardigan would be nice, too. (the list goes on….)

Thanks to Zoe for initiating MeMadeMay! I am feeling so proud that I actually could join this year. It is a great motivation to continue working on a me made wardrobe!

This is my contribution to MMM17.

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