Play Bands


Kids love to bind things together (at least my do) with as many knots as possible…. Crocheting some play bands is quick and easy and yields nice soft bands.


Here is how to make them:

Make many chain stitches – about two meters or as long as you want your play band to be. Then crochet back with single stitches. Crochet about 3-6 rows all together. If you feel wild you can use different colors for each (or each second) row. In the example shown above I changed color every second row and made the play band six rows wide and about two meters long.

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Precious harlequin


This is a precious little harlequin from my childhood. It is ca 30 cm high (plus hat)  and was crocheted by my very gifted great-aunt who passed away a few years ago. Although my mom kept it mostly save from me and gave it to me only occasionally, it got some stains over the years. Otherwise it is still in excellent condition and is now a beloved (occasional) companion to my children. I love it because of its great craftsmanship – look at this delicate collar! – and it is a wonderful memory of this much loved aunt.

Precious is a small series about some precious little things. They are precious to me because of who made them, how they are made and/or which story they tell.



I needed a pincushion. When I am sewing I always fiddle around with the pins in this tiny little box they came in, and this is not very handy. My idea was to have a little hedgehog to hold my pins and I was considering to just try to crochet something “free hand” which at best would have probably resembled a very oddly shaped little hedgehog…. But then The Purl Bee by Purl Soho came to my rescue when they recently published a knitting pattern and I had a go at it.

I like how my little hedgehog turned out, however it does a bit resemble a piggy in a coat, doesn’t it…? I stuffed it with the insides of an old discarded stuffed animal which is a bit too fluffy and it doesn’t give any resistance to the pins (I am always afraid that the hedgehog might swallow the pins). The original pattern recommends bamboo fiber fill – I have no idea how that feels. The hedgehog is quite large (ca. 15 cm long), which makes it a bit too big as a permanent pin holder, so I only use it while working with pins. But in any case it works, the hedgehog does its job very well of carrying the pins and it is a very friendly companion while I am sewing!

Knitting pattern: Knit Hedgehog (Whit’s Knits) by The Purl Bee by Purl Soho

Yarn: Siena Big 100% merino extrafine superwash from Wollrödel, in three colors (brown 14259, light brown 14252, black 14290)

Needles: The face I knitted with 2.75mm and the body with 3.5mm.

Stuffing: Filling of an old stuffed animal

Will I knit it again? Probably not. I just don’t need a whole family of hedgehogs.

This is my contribution to Creadienstag!