UFO: aligator scarf


I am still in the process of cleaning out my office which also houses a big basket containing my yarn stash. I opened this basket after a very long time and – Oh – I found so beautiful yarn! Beautiful wools, and silks and cottons! Even a very nice colorful Japanese yarn, enough for a pullover or jacket…… I really should do more knitting again!

In this basked was also a lovely U(n)F(inished)O(bject) which I wanted to share with you. It slept in here for over four years! It is an alligator scarf, pattern and wool from Morehouse Farms.

Why did I stop? When I received the knitting kit initially, I was quite disappointed about the wool. The wool is rather stiff and rough and I didn’t find it suitable for my son, then just a year old. Nevertheless, I knitted everything except the tail, and then somehow stopped. I wanted to make good use of the yarn and was shy of starting the tail too soon or too late (I know, stupid).

What is still to do? Knitting the tail. I am wondering whether I should cover the left side with a soft (yellow-green striped?) jersey?

Will I finish it? I picked up the needles again and started on the tail. My son is now five and thought the scarf is cool. Well, if THAT is a not motivation right here. So, the answer is Yes!

Update: I finished it! And our big boy is wearing it. Just didn’t get around to take a picture yet, I ended up not adding a lining to the scarf. The reason for that is a) stoff.de didn’t deliver and b) we are wearing it as it is all right.